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"Big props to zade, the shots he got in the dark pretty awesome, dude does an unreal job!"

~ Liam Springinotic

"Zade you are a big reason his channel has grown a lot in these past few months. Your editing is a work of art"

~ Anisim Colbert

"zades brilliance is like watching a giant budget action movie"

~ Kenneth Powell

"Zade's editing is fire"

~ Carson Tucker

"Zade is doing an amazing job filming, he deserves this.Always nice seeing him."

~ Radu Adrian

7 years of Filmmaking

Are you looking for a “Swiss Army Knife” creative who is as comfortable behind the lens as making best use of post-production time by discovering the story in a pile of footage, polishing audio, introducing the right transitions, impactful sound design, and some surprising 3D to make memorable content.

If you need someone to bring a refreshing attitude while pushing projects to their potential, wrapping up each win with a celebration dance, let’s collaborate.

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concept, planning, organizing and management of small - large scale video projects.

Advanced skills in the operation of a variety of cinema cameras, audio equipment, lighting, rigging equipment, as well as supplemental tools such as sliders, gimbals, stabilizers, etc.

Post-production work from video editing to visual effects, from music sourcing to sound effects, expect exCeptional results right from the start.

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Email: Zade@iamzade.com
Phone: 850-524-0570